Requests for Personal Holding Accounts and Operator Holding Accounts

Personal Holding Accounts

Legal and natural persons have the possibility of opening a personal holding account by filing an application under the menu item "Personal Holding Account". Please note of the instructions regarding completing and submitting the application for opening a personal holding account.

Operator Holding Accounts

All companies that participate in the Emissions Trading System (ETS) must open an ETS operator account in the Swiss emissions trading registry. Companies that have undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (nonETS), fossil-thermal power plants obliged to compensate for their CO2 emissions (FTPS) and persons obliged to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated by motor fuels (FUEL) can also open an operator account, however they are not obliged to.
Please take note of the special instructions (in German) regarding completing and submitting the data collection form for opening an operator account.