Welcome to the Swiss Emissions Trading Registry

Important information

Due to the limited support possibilities in connection with the coronavirus, longer response times must be expected.

Information on linking the Swiss-EU emissions trading systems can be found at Swiss-EU ETS Linking.

Opening hours

The Registry helpdesk is available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 12pm (local time), except on public holidays
(Tel.: +41 58 462 05 66, Email: emissionsregistry@bafu.admin.ch).

The Registry helpdesk will be closed on the following dates: 24 December 2021, 30 /31 December 2021, 3 January 2022.


Next auctions:

  • Auction of allowances for aircrafts (CHUA): The auction of CHUA for the year 2021 amounting to 160,850 CHUA was held from 25.10.2021 (12:00 local time) to 27.10.2021 (17:00 local time).
  • Auction of allowances for installations (CHU): The auction of the CHU for 2021 will take place at the beginning of 2022 at the earliest.

In accordance with Article 48 paragraph 2 letter b of the CO2 Ordinance, the FOEN may cancel an auction without making an award if the clearing price during the auction period differs significantly from the applicable price on the secondary market in the EU.

Additional information is available at Auction of emissions allowances.

Calendar for the execution of transfers between the registries

From 21 September 2020 onwards, transactions of allowances between Swiss and EU registries can be initiated. The transactions will then be executed on the next date indicated in the calendar below in accordance with the rules applicable in the registry where the request is launched, e.g. only after the transaction delay of the respective registry. Transfers will generally take place twice a month. Before surrendering deadlines for allowances on 30 April and delivery dates of the December EUA futures contracts in mid-December, transfers will be executed twice a week.

Generally, the calendars should cover a period of 12 months, starting from January and ending in December. Transfer dates will be published at least one month in advance as well as any changes to the calendar notwithstanding short-term notices on changes due to unforeseen temporary closures of the registry link (e.g. force majeure, technical or security issues).

Additional information is available at Link with the EU emissions trading registry.

Calendar for the execution of transfers between the registries