CDM = Clean Development Mechanism
JI = Joint Implementation
CHA = Swiss attestation (domestic offset scheme)

Whitelist Information

Article 4, para. 2 of the CO2 Ordinance sets quality requirements for emission reductions achieved abroad that may be counted in accordance with the CO2 Act. These quality requirements must be fully met when the certificates are counted toward the emitter's commitments.

This list contains the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and Joint Implementation (JI) projects that meet the requirements set out in the revised CO2 Ordinance of 1 January 2015. The FOEN will continuously complete the list with projects newly registered with the UNFCCC that meet the requirements.

Units with certain serial numbers from projects on the whitelist do not meet the requirements of the revised CO2 Regulation, as these units have already been used and recycled by 2010 under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. The list of the units concerned can be found on the FOEN website.

For Programms of Activities (PoAs) of the CDM, please read carefully the information under “country code”. Only units from PoAs for which the host country fulfills the quality requirements of the Ordinance are included in the whitelist. This is especially important for PoAs that have been registered as of 1st January 2013, to which the requirement regarding the host country applies.

Companies that wish to have ERU 'Track 1' emission reductions counted without being controlled by the Joint Implementation Supervisory Committee (JISC) must prove the date of the emission reduction by means of a verification report. The verification report is subject to review by an accredited independent entity under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in accordance with decision 9/CMP.1 ('Accredited Independent Entity', AIE). Emission reductions that meet these conditions are not included on this list because their eligibility is determined once the abovementioned documentation has been submitted.

If you have questions or cannot find a project on the list, please contact SwissFlex (swissflex@bafu.admin.ch).

Project type
Country code
Project identifier
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Type Country code Project Identifier Start
CHA CH 1 01/01/2013
CHA CH 2 01/01/2013
CHA CH 3 01/01/2013
CHA CH 4 01/01/2013
CHA CH 5 01/01/2013
CHA CH 6 01/01/2013
CHA CH 7 01/01/2013
CDM BR 8 18/11/2004
CHA CH 8 18/11/2004
CHA CH 9 01/01/2013
CDM HN 9 19/08/2005
CHA CH 10 01/01/2013
CHA CH 11 01/01/2013
CHA CH 12 01/01/2013
CHA CH 13 01/01/2013
CHA CH 14 01/01/2013
CHA CH 15 01/01/2013
CHA CH 16 01/01/2013
CHA CH 19 01/01/2013
CHA CH 21 01/01/2013